Waterloo Concert Band - Member Guidelines

As this is an amateur organization, it is understandable that everyone will not be able to make all performances and all rehearsals. However, we do assume that everyone will make a reasonable effort. Specifically, we request that all members make at least two thirds of rehearsals although the normal attendance rate is actually higher. If you come into a period of time in which you will be absent more than normal, it is acceptable to take a leave of absence by letting the personnel manager know. It is especially important that no performance be missed unless you notify the personnel manager.
Performing with the Band
Before playing in a concert with the Waterloo Concert Band, a new member is expected attend a 3 rehearsals to become a playing member. Following this period, members should attend at least two-thirds of the scheduled rehearsals leading up to any concert.

These policies are in place in an attempt to ensure that the band is prepared for concerts, however if you have concerns with either of these policies please speak with the Director of Music, as he may make exceptions at his discretion to the above policies to handle individual circumstances that would otherwise prevent someone from participating in Waterloo Concert Band events.

Music: Treatment and Borrowing
A demanding position in any band is that of librarian. The band tries to reduce the possible problems for our librarian in several ways. If you wish to take a music folder home to practice, you should first check with the librarian. We are especially careful to make sure all folders are not taken out on the announced occasions when the music is being changed: even one missing folder could greatly increase the librarian's workload. Our present long-serving librarian is Viki Ledwinka. Viki has some specific requests:
  • Please don't leave music from other groups or personal papers in folders;
  • Please use only pencil to mark music;
  • Please treat music gently and with respect - we will want to play it again;
  • If a folder is taken out, it must be present at the next rehearsal or performance;
  • If you are missing any pieces or have special needs, please advise as soon as possible.

The librarian can be reached at library@waterlooband.com.

Set Up and Take Down
Our band has no particular person or group designated to set-up and take down for rehearsals. The first people to arrive at practice arrange the chairs and put out the stands. At the end of rehearsal everyone is expected to put away their own stand and music. The chairs do not have to be moved at the end of rehearsal. At the formal concerts, there is often a volunteer group helping. However, it is still expected that all band members would help set up and take down at any gigs. It is especially important to help take down. It is discouraging for the dedicated people helping if they see band members walking away if there is still work to do.
The band uniform for gigs is basically the traditional black and white - black bottoms and white tops. We would like black socks and shoes as well. For some concerts, we may request that band members wear ties or some other type of seasonal accessory. During the summer, black shorts and sandals are permitted.
Inclement Weather and Cancellations
As we frequently play outdoors, some gigs have to be cancelled due to inclement weather. Although we make every attempt to notify people, there are times that any decision is impossible to make until concert time. If there is no notification, we would ask that you expect a concert and come out. We try to notify you by email as soon as we confirm a cancellation.
The band does have our own website which can be found at www.waterlooband.com. We have a typical schedule of concerts for the band and an example of one year's repertoire posted here which should give you some specifics on what to expect from the band. If you have any general questions, you can email from the website or email info@waterlooband.com and the mail will get to the correct place. The website maintainer is always looking for new ideas and suggestions to improve the site. If you wish to help, email wcb@waterlooband.com.
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